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Smarter Energy: A Significant Growth in E-Business Performance

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On April 28, Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (600869.SH) released its 2015 annual report and 2016 the first quarter report. Based on the annual report, it realized an operating revenue at RMB11.711 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.16%; a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies at RMB422 million, rising sharply by 131.11% year on year; a net cash flow generated from operating activities at RMB1.382 billion, increasing 105.73% year on year; a year-on-year growth in the cumulative total remuneration of the employees at 14.47%, with the per capita monthly wage and per capita daily wage up19.93% and 17.95% year-on-year, respectively. In the first quarter of 2016, the company achieved the total operating revenue of RMB2.243 billion, rising by 11.07% year on year; a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses at RMB85 million, surging 94.44% year on year. Such outstanding performance made by Smarter Energy (600869.SH) not only exhibits a huge leap in the business layout, but also marks a preliminary success in the company’s transformation toward "a smarter energy and intelligent city system service provider".

 The most concerned by the investors in the financial reports is the prominent accomplishments achieved by Far East Trading Pay Network Technology Co., Ltd., a company under Far East Smarter Energy. In 2015, it realized an operating revenue of RMB2.91087 billion, up 94.81% year on year, and a net profit of RMB38.25 million, up 79.16% year-on year; among which, page views of cableabc.com exceeded 10.4 million, a year-on-year increase of 50.18%; the newly-added members of MMT were 585, a year-on-year growth of 343%; the trading volume increased by 50.69% year on year. The brilliant performance in the annual growth made by Trading Pay has indeed given a big surprise to the investors.

 The company said it would continue to closely follow the "Internet +" national strategy, focusing on the layout of electrical and electronic vertical e-business platform and material trading platform. In 2015, the company expanded the supply chain finance and third-party payment layout, such as participating in the shares of ssrong.com and cooperating with 99Bill.com; increased capital and established a trading center based on China Material Exchange, introduced an outstanding team, and developed commodity trading place based on the global materials industry; newly added four product lines to improve the product layout, including "spot cable products, house decoration line, amour clamps and accessories, electrical and electronic product". The above measures have reinforced the company's rapid and healthy development in the e-business industry. In addition, Trading Pay will actively seek cooperative opportunities in the industry Internet with domestic and foreign Internet companies, and promote a huge development in its transformation.

 Industry insiders believe that Far East Trading Pay Network Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the firmest practitioners in the industry in the "Internet +" business, who will continuously speed up its pace in the e-business layout with major support from Smarter Energy in resources. Through present and future’s a series of initiatives, Trading Pay’s Internet finance ecological embryonic form has initially shaped, with a huge space for upgrading in future.

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