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Jiang Xipei Honored As Jiangsu Outstanding Entrepreneur and Commended by Jiangsu Provincial Committe

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     Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPC and Jiangsu Provincial Government issued "Decision on commend of the Advanced Development Zone, Outstanding Enterprises and Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province”, aiming to honor a number of provincial development zones, entrepreneurs and enterprises with good performance, innovation, growth and large social contribution. Jiang Xipei, President of Jiangsu Private Enterprises Council for the Development and Promotion, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Party Committee Secretary, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Far East holding Group entered the honor list, who won the title of “Jiangsu Outstanding Entrepreneur” together with Chairman of the Board of Suning Commerce Group Zhang Jindong, and President and the Party Committee secretary of Hongdou Group Zhou Haijiang.

 Jiang Xipei received lots of honors including National Model Worker, China Youth Five Four Medal, National Ten Outstanding Inter-Century Science & Technology Talent, Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of China Brand Development, and 2008 CCTV’s China Economic Figures of the Year, on whom the growth of Far East Holding Group depends. Now,Far East has become a large private joint-stock enterprise group covering smarter energy, real estate and investment in three major boards after five successful restructurings. The Group has also won many honorary titles such as "China Top 500 Enterprises", "China Top 500 Private Enterprises", "China Top 500 in Machinery industry", and "Top 500 Brands in Asia”. It owns post-doctoral scientific research workstations, academician and expert workstations, graduate workstations for Jiangsu enterprises, state-level enterprise technical centers, national accredited laboratories and other scientific & research bases. At present, the Group has realized an annual operating revenue exceeding RMB30 billion, owing assets more than RMB20 billion, brand value worth RMB28.15 billion, and more than 10,000 employees.

 It is worth mentioning that Jiang Xipei views "innovation as the most core competitiveness for enterprises". During the growth for more than 20 years, he led Far East to creatively implement five-time restructurings, which were in line with China’s five economic reform tides. From Wenzhou model, Sunan model, large & medium-sized state-owned enterprise reform to improving corporate governance structure and corporate capital operation, the Group has become an example for Jiangsu or even Chinese enterprises’ restructuring; at the same time, it has also become a benchmark case for China's private economy development and economic recovery. Jiang Xipei has also become a representative for outstanding entrepreneurs.

 When Far East ranked No.1 in the country for the 17th year in terms of cable sales revenue, Jiang Xipei resolutely led the company to move forward by transforming and making a layout in the Internet, Internet of Things, smarter energy, and intelligent city. In 2014, Far East Holding Group's Far East Cable Co., Ltd. officially renamed as Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., and determined its strategic positioning as "a smarter energy expert or a smarter energy and intelligent city system service provider". The company has acquired Intelligence Power, a company with professional Grade-A qualification in power industry (power transmission and distribution project), and SEMEUREKA, mainly engaging in distribution grid automation. In 2015, it acquired Far East First New Energy Co., Ltd., and Far East Earn Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd. Through above acquisitions, the company completed a layout across the electricity area, contributing to the development both in Jiangsu and China’s economy.

With regard to experiences of outstanding entrepreneurs, Jiang Xipei said in the interview that an excellent entrepreneur has the following 10 characteristics: first, lofty ideal and a strong sense of mission; second, positive energy such as self-confidence, optimism and passion; third, keeping promise and being reliable; fourth, win-win cooperation, and resources integration; fifth, courage to innovate and change; sixth, a risk-taker, but who is not aggressive; seventh, lifelong learning, openness and inclusiveness; eighth, foresight and suffering consciousness; ninth, a strong sense of responsibility, who dares to be responsible; tenth, unique insights and decisiveness in decision-making. These valuable experiences also represent “gold rules” sought by a lot of young entrepreneurs. 

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