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Far East Holding Group: growing on “Both good morals and excellent academic performance” and into th

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A good employer brand is an intangible asset of a company, which can help the company to break through the bottle-neck of talent shortage in fierce market competition, prolong the employment period of good workers, improve productivity and creativity and build up a sound market reputation and popularity. Founded in 1990, Far East Holding Group has a profound knowledge of this principle. Through its history, you will see countless honors, including a member of top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 500 Chinese private companies, the brand value as high as 28.15 billion Yuan and winner of “best employer company” for several times, etc. Mr. Jiang Xipei, the leader, won the reputation of “the entrepreneur of the most solicitude for employees’ development” in 2014.

Jiang Xipei used to say that the power to drive him to run this top-500 enterprise is far beyond creating the personal wealth but lies in the mission of “creating value and serving the society”, the view of “creating a company loved by the employees and respected by the society” and the target of five satisfactions: “satisfactions from customers, employees, shareholders, government and society” and in employment opportunities, innovation, excellence, wealth and welfare.

For years, Far East has been dedicated to constructing a good environment for employees, a platform for talents to realize the values, a competitive remuneration system and a human resources value increasing system and create various conditions to stimulate and unite the employees, embrace every worker and their families into the operation concept of the company, enable the employees to get involved in company development, share the fruits of development and realize the importance of their jobs.

The first concept of operation principle of Far East used to be “based on people”, “Far East embraces an employee and his family” --- which is a vivid reflection of its harmonious labor relationship; at present, it has advanced further; in the development of the company, the concept has evolved into “Both good morals and excellent academic performance”. It’s learned that the concept of “Both good morals and excellent academic performance” will promote the benign competitions between the employees, activate the employees’ enthusiasm in working and form a sound internal competition atmosphere in the company, which is of great importance for optimizing the internal resource structure of the company.

In addition, Far East has established a set of effective “361”performance assessment system in the company; the system will provide more favorable policies of salary, welfare, promotion, etc. to the employees with “good quality and performance” and provide resources and platforms for the excellent workers ranking in top 30% in performance; encourage and stimulate 60% of staff, surge and eliminate the backward workers. The resources and the platforms include favorable salary, equity stimulation, channel of promotion, external training and favorable house buying policies, welfare travel standard, etc.

The relevant principal of brand and culture of Far East expresses that Far East advocates harmony and soul culture; within the development and operation of the company, in aspect of care and love to the disabled employees and “361”performance assessment system, an important principle is the relation between the company and the employees, where the employees benefit will benefit from the development fruits of the company and the efficiency of the workers will promote development of the company, thus a benign interaction and development is developed. Granting Far East with the honor of “the annual best employer” is recognition for the consistent practice of the best employer and the management and innovation of human resources work of Far East; it will stimulateFar Eastto make new achievements in human resource management.

 “Chinabest annual employer”, beginning in 2005, is a survey of “the best employers” launched by Zhaopin.com and Enterprise Social Responsibility and Employer Brand Spreading Research Center of Peking University. The survey is designed to find and praise the model companies creating outstanding employer brands, spread widely the concept and stories of employer brands of “the best employers” in the society, promote Chinese companies to set up and implement employee brand strategy and help the companies to handle change of human resources markets better.

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