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Stable Power Generation of Marine Renewable Energy Equipment To Be A Reality By 2020

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    Marine Renewable Energy Development during 13th Five-Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”) has been released by State Oceanic Administration of PRC. According to the Plan, the main task during 13th Five-Year Plan is to improve technological maturity of marine renewable energy equipment and advance the engineering application of marine renewable energy so as to shift from “power generation only” to “stable power generation” of marine renewable energy equipment.

    Marine renewable energy sources, according to the Plan, include ocean tidal energy, tidal current energy, wave energy, temperature difference energy, salt differential energy, biomass energy, renewable energy sources etc. As put forward by the Plan, by 2020, core technological equipment of China’s marine renewable energy is to realize stable power generation. Industrial chain will be basically put into place and the development and application of marine energy will be as advanced as international level.

    The total installed capacity of marine renewable energy in China is to reach more than 50,000 kilowatts. Over five hybrid independent power systems, backed up by island and marine renewable energy as well as wind energy and solar energy, will be constructed. Production scales of various types of marine renewable energy systems will be expanded.

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