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Tesla Model 3 Starts 21700 Times and Enterprises Benefit from Introducing 21700 Battery

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    On the evening of July 28 (local time in the United States), Tesla will hold the ceremony on delivery of the first 30 Model 3 vehicles in California. Model 3 is a milestone of Tesla reaching the masses. Now, over 500,000 vehicles have been booked around the world. The hot fever of Tesla Model 3 attributes to its affordable price and superior performance of the core component - 21700 power battery.

    Tesla has gained high popularity after launch of the 21700 battery. Compared with the former 18650 battery, the 21700 battery is improved by 20% in energy density and by 35% in single battery capacity. With the same energy, the number of battery required can be decreased by nearly 1/3. Both system weight and cost are reduced by 10%. According to insiders, the state policies related to new energy (600617, stock analysis) will continuously boost improvement of energy density of lithium-ion battery. In the national standard Specification and Dimension of Power Battery for Electric Vehicles to be released soon, the 21700 battery is one of the designated types. It can be seen that the 21700 battery will have a broader market in the future. Tesla is always the wind indicator of lithium battery and electric vehicle industries. Besides, China is a huge potential market of Tesla vehicles. In the future, the 21700 battery will be the mainstream of the market. Companies which take the lead in introducing the 21700 battery will benefit firstly.

    Relevant beneficiary stocks:

    Smarter Energy (600869, stock analysis): The R&D and industrialized project of power storage lithium battery with annual production of 3GWh energy density was launched this year. Six 21700 production lines of 200PPM will be newly built and have the productivity of over 7GWh after completion.

    Aucksun (002245, stock analysis): The No.2 production base of Tenpower, a subsidiary of Aucksun, is equipped with facilities to produce 21700 products, with the total capacity of around 6GWh.

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