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Brand value 73.56 billion! Far East tops 500 Asian brands list for nine consecutive years

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  On September 9,2019, the annual Asian Brand Festival opened in Shenzhen Sano Wisdom Building. At the ceremony, the 2019" top 500 Asian Brands "list released, Far East Holding Group ranked 154 with a brand value of 73.56 billion yuan once again on the list , while Far East Holding Group won the" top 10 Asian Influential Brands "title. Strong on the list, worthy of the name, highlighted the Chinese private companies in Asia again,  even the brand influence around the world .

    opening ceremony

    The event scene

  The event was hosted by a stellar gathering of dignitaries, brand experts, business leaders and celebrities from Asian countries to witness the great occasion of the list's release. The Chief Executive Officer of Far East Holdings Group, Executive President of Far East University, Zhuang Taiwei, and the head of the Group's Brand Culture Center, Zhang Di, attended the event with a team and received the prize.

    Far East Brand Team

    Zhuang Taiwei was invited to bell ringing ceremony

  In the morning, brand trading board (BVEX) the first batch of selected brand listing bell ringing ceremony was held, Zhuang Taiwei on behalf of the Far East was invited to participate. BVEX is a brand credit asset listing, trading and financing platform co-founded by the Asian Brand Group in conjunction with Beijing Special Exchange and Qingdao United Credit Asset Trading Center. The selection of the first batch of BVEX listed brands, and invited to participate in the bell ringing ceremony, is a major opportunity to promote the realization of Far East brand value, and a better global promotion of the corporate brand image.

    Zhuang Taiwei got on stage to receive the "Top 500 Asian Brands" Certificate of Honour

    Zhang Di got on stage to receive an honorary certificate of "Top Ten Asian Influencial Brands"

  In recent years, the Far East brand team anchored the "quality, professional, first-class" strategic positioning, take brand strategy landing as a brand strategy, work and pull together, to reshape the traditional industrial brand and to upgrade the brand image of the far east ,through the creation of a series of boutique brand activities and the diversification, all-round communication system ,let the far east which is domestic leading industrial brand open new flower and full of vitality .  

  It is reported that the top 500 Asian brands from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and other countries and regions, Tencent, Toyota, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Huawei, PetroChina, Alibaba, Wuliangye and other enterprises are among them.

  The Asian Brand Festival is the annual feast of the Asian brand world. It is the best stage for interpreting the Asian brand value, exchanging the Asian brand concept and shaping the international image of the Asian brand, and has become the bridge to the world brand. The top 500 list of Asian brands released at the ceremony, the Far East has been on the list for nine years,and leading the domestic industry.

  Since the 34th anniversary of the founding of the far east, while making the industry bigger and stronger, setting the building of enterprise brand as an important strategic measure,and the annual operating income and brand value continuing to improve.Far east brand has also inserted invisible wings for far east products to promote the far east to grow into the domestic industry leading brand, private enterprise leader.

  In the future, the far east brand will focus on "shaping the first-class brand" and "building the first-class quality" as the goals, continue to highlight the core value of the brand, constantly play the new functions "strategic guidance, value-driven, cultural cohesion, direct soul" , to help the Far East become an international enterprise with much staff love and respect.

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