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Far East Brand 3.0 Innovation Strategy Promotes High Quality Development of Enterprises

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  Brand is the most valuable intangible assets and operating resources of the enterprise. Nowadays, the struggle between countries, the competition between enterprises, is the competition between brands in a sense.

  In the report of  World's Top 500 Brand Value 2019 , China ranks second on the list of brands, with the number of brands on the "Top 500 Asian Brands" list number one. While China's brand strength is growing, it is important to noutice that manufacturing brands are relatively small in the list.

  This is incompatible with the dominant position of manufacturing in the national economy, and even somewhat hampers the development of manufacturing. It is the key link to realize the development of high-quality economy, to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing industry, and to strengthen the brand building as soon as possible.

  In recent years, with the implementation of national policies such as "made in China 2025" strategy and" Belt and Road ", many enterprises have followed the overall strategy of" going out "to participate in international competition, aiming at building world-class enterprises, and have made many attempts and explorations to build more influential Chinese brands. As a leading brand in the industry, far east holding group took the lead in awakening brand awareness and stepping into the brand competition blue sea.

  Rooting fertile soil, blooming industry brand youth

  Brand, endogenous in the enterprise's products, externalized in the public cognition. An excellent brand should be based on the industry reality, showing a high degree of recognition, to the community and the public radiate a unique charm.

  Taking "made in China 2025" as an opportunity to seize the opportunity of" Belt and Road "construction, the far east focuses on the front line, deepens the layout, promotes the product technology reform and upgrading, and continuously expands the strategic layout in the fields of smart grid, clean energy,smart transportation, new energy vehicles, green buildings, and so on, and has participated in the construction of national key projects many times. In addition, the Far East also actively expanded the international market, strategic partners across six continents, products exported to more than 60 countries and regions.


  We do our best and strengthen our products and services and keep grasping the market ,at the same time, the Far East attaches great importance to brand building. Around the enterprise mission of "creating value to serve the society ", far east is committed to creating the image of" industry first-class, professional, high-end brand ", with more systematic resource integration ability, more innovation breakthrough around customer demand, make far east "customer trusted made in china "," protect the brightest lights and happy life "," the most warm industrial brand" and other bright brand image more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, promote the high quality development of enterprises.

  Clear brand positioning, innovative brand strategy

  In view of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the homogenization of the products in the cable industry, the far east revolves around the main industry operation of "the main line + Investment”, cohesions the requirements of " shape first-class brand "and" builds first-class quality "requirements, Import Brand "3.0 Innovation Strategy ".

  Under the guidance of this strategy, the far east takes the top-level design anchoring strategic goal and brand positioning, takes the brand image shaping as the main line, and expects to make the far east brand realize the step-by-step leap from "high-known brand" to "high-value brand" to "high-emotional brand" through 3-5 years of cultivation and development.


  Nowerdays , step into the high-value brand period of the far east, externally with the "industry-class brand promotion project" as the guide through the continuous brand building, and in the main domestic market, hot markets to continue to promote brand awareness, the initial establishment of brand reputation and brand association, and in the potential market to cultivate and deep cultivation of brand reputation.

  To set up the organization guarantee mechanism internally, cultivate the subsidiary company team, optimize the brand culture management system structure to build the brand culture management team with great innovation ability; set up the system guarantee mechanism, optimize the system flow system, form the sound brand management system; take the brand performance mechanism as the guarantee, strengthen the brand asset evaluation to ensure the effective implementation of the brand strategy.

    Take advantage of popular style activities to reshape brand image

  At present, manufacturing industry is facing transformation and upgrading, and enterprise brands also need to be given new connotations. Far East with the underlying logic enabling top-level design, by creating boutique brand activities, to reshape the traditional industrial brand.

  In this August, the far east "the strongest intern challenge" was successfully held, the far east through this brand activity innovation play, has manifested the enterprise brand connotation of "the quality, the profession, the value, the affinity" , also has provided the very good example for the manufacturing industry brand remodeling.

  In the product brand building, the far east around the "made in China ", take quality as the core, to give the product a higher dimension of the brand concept, to create new domestic goods in the cable field. With 70 years of longevity wire as a breakthrough point, test new national goods to create a good market response during the National Day .


  Far East to the entrepreneur brand shaping has always been in the forefront. Jiang xipei, founder of far east holding group, chairman of the board and secretary of the party committee, has been deeply rooted in the image of entrepreneurs with social responsibility and family feelings for many years,has become a "internet influencer" among Chinese private entrepreneurs, and the brand attributes are more distinct.

  At the same time, the Far East has cross-border integration with other enterprises. During the National Day, Xugong Group, Agricultural Bank, China Post and other well-known enterprises, launched the topic of "Bullish China " on Weibo, and the heat keeping high.

  Through the event marketing, with the extremely challenging popular style activity and the extremely rich topic cross-border fusion, for the far east brand enables, has presented the different chinese manufacturing industry to the community,Far east  has presented the new era far east brand claims.

  Layout Media Matrix, Transfer Brand Claims

  The development of mobile Internet has opened up new channels for brand communication. Based on the characteristics of industrial products, the far east refines the enterprise's historical accumulation and brand proposition, entrepreneur's management ideas and thoughts, and reshapes the brand's image in the eyes of the audience by innovating the communication system.


  Starting from the audience's media habits, the far east brand team continues to occupy the traditional media position and expand the high-end television broadcasting, network and flat media matrix at home and abroad, while grasping the development opportunity of the media age, exploring the application of self-media and social media, adapting to and gradually leading the iteration of communication mode.

  So far, on domestic platforms, far east has built a self-media matrix that includes "double micro shake ", today's headlines, official website clusters, and so on, and has laid out the construction of platforms such as know-how and little red book; on international platforms, media matrices covering social platforms such as linkedin, facebook, twitter, and instagram have formed.

  The platform is the path of communication, and the content is the soul of communication. Far East brand team around "quality lifeline" and "harmony win-win circle ", dig deeply into engineering cases, technical advantages, character stories, the story and feelings of the fusion, while seizing the opportunity of hot events, implant brand ideas, continue to create product brand, service brand, the best employer brand, corporate university brand, charity brand, pass on more warm and powerful Far East brands to the audience. 

  With a more vivid, humanistic, friendly communication strategy, with the help of a diversified, all-round communication system, to achieve multi-platform linkage, comprehensive transmission of brand value, detonating fan effect, charm effect, let the traditional brand open new flowers, vitality.

  Intergrate design aesthetics to reproduce brand charm

  Brand image design is based on the vision of commercial communication system design, and also the key factor for consumers to establish brand cognition. Traditional industrial brands want to break out of the whirlpool of product homogenization and form a differentiated positioning, need to create a distinctive brand personality.

  Far East brand team according to the changes of public aesthetic needs, the collection of brand differentiation positioning, through the unique expression of industrial products, brand logo system optimization, upgrading, forming a professional, high-end, international brand VI system. In the application of VI, the packaging identification of "products ", Internet product identification, spatial identification design are integrated into the brand connotation to find and deepen the DNA of far East product design.


  At the same time, guided by the "3.0 innovation strategy ",  integrated the concept of brand aesthetics , and the brand contact is strengthened by the more depth, breadth, vitality and appeal of the graphic creative performance. In the three basic contents of "hand-drawn Chinese style "," soft scenery style" and "modern creative style ", the brand value is transmitted in a more connotation, vivid, humanistic and friendly way, and the brand charm is displayed visually through the more advanced aesthetic sense.

  Far East's brand image design breaks through the traditional industrial product design tonality, with the help of the power of super symbol, activates the memory fragment in the audience's mind, transmits the brand appeal at the same time, lets the audience form the unique memory point to the far east brand, has opened the precedent in the industry, and given the deeper connotation for the brand.

  Spring blossom, autumn harvest in fact , with the brand "3.0 innovation strategy "to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, has seen results. In June, far east won the "golden prize new media operation case" award for its high-end brand strategy and high-quality social marketing results. In september, far east rose to the 2019" top 500 Asian brands "list with a brand value of 73.56 billion yuan,to achieve the brand value of 100 billion yuan goal is another step forward. 

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