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Far East Holding Group: Innovation drives UHV development and boosts new infrastructure

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On January 15th, the Far East Annual Innovation Case Competition in 2020 was successfully held. After fierce competition, the case winning the first prize is "The Story Behind the National Science and Technology Progress Award -- Innovation Case of the Development and Application of Energy-saving Conductors in the Far East Ultra-High Voltage Project to Boost the ‘ New Infrastructure’ ".

Now let's know some details about the Far East Ultra High Voltage Engineering Energy Saving Wire Project, explore the breakthrough of the Far East R&D team on technological innovation, and understand the story behind the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

The comprehensive advantage is obvious, and UHV power grid construction is in full swing

As the most advanced power transmission technology in the world at present, UHV engineering has obvious comprehensive advantages such as supporting long distance, large capacity, low loss and less occupation. It is a strategic technology to ensure the security of energy supply and environmental economy.

The data indicate that more than 80% of the domestic energy resources are distributed in the west and north, and more than 70% of the electricity consumption is concentrated in the east and central region. In order to solve the contradiction between power supply and demand, the construction of UHV has become an important measure of the national energy strategy.

In recent years, UHV has promoted national development with its significant advantages such as a long industrial chain, strong driving force and obvious economic and social benefits, and has become one of the key areas of new infrastructure construction. The new infrastructure in the new era is constantly exerting its strength, which makes the construction of UHV engineering at full blast.

As a leading enterprise in the cable industry, the Far East participated in the construction of "Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800kV UHVDC Power Transmission Demonstration Project", the world' s first commercial operation, as early as 2008 as a strategic supplier, and flexed its muscles in the national power expressway construction of "power transmission from west to east" . Over the years, the Far East has continuously made technological breakthroughs in the construction of EHV projects, solved a number of key problems, and played a core role in the construction of EHV projects.

To overcome difficulties, deeply study in the field of UHV power grid



The EHV project has a long span, complex and harsh environment, and the transmission line may be faced with strong wind, icing, large span, high height difference and other challenges. In the process of researching and developing energy-saving wires for UHV projects, the formula that has been consistently practiced in the Far East is to develop new series of energy-saving wires that meet the complex environment and realize the safe transmission of UHV power transmission projects.

The Far East has been deeply engaged in the field of UHV engineering and has been accumulating experience in the research and development of UHV technology. The innovation case reporter Feifei Xia , a member of industrial power cable R&D service introduced to us that UHV power grid under different environment have specific requirements. For instance, in the plain area, the electric energy loss is mainly saved by increasing the conductivity, the sag is reduced and the tensile force is strengthened in the cross-river and mountain environment. Where the wind is strong, it is necessary to change the shape of the outer layer of the conductor and reduce the resistance to the wind. The icing area needs the conductor to increase the tensile force and enhance ice resistance.

In the face of these problems and challenges, the Far East R&D team has the courage to take responsibility and grasp the main points. Through deep research, we carry out professional custom design and provide a full set of EHV engineering solutions. For instance, the 1250 large cross-section conductor and aluminum alloy conductor with high conductivity designed for the plain area, the flexible aluminum strand with carbon fiber composite core designed for crossing the Yangtze River, high altitude and heavy icing area, and the ultra-high strength aluminum strand with steel core and high strength for the plain area, etc.

Pursue excellence, and pay attention to technological innovation and breakthrough

It is reported that the project team is in view of the plains, respectively, in six types of environment such as area with middle and heavy ice, mountains, gully and area across the river and riverfront, with high altitude area, with heavy wind, design the 6 kinds of energy-saving conductors that is a total of 13 and applied to UHV power transmission project, and product has been used in article 60 HV and UHV transmission lines, including 5 UHV transmission lines covering 16 provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and so on. The project includes a variety of environmental conditions with large capacity, low loss, reliability, and efficient transmission.

The breakthrough of new technology can not be separated from test and experiment of the research and development team both by day and by night . Through the repeated tests on multiple indicators such as the resistivity, tensile strength and elongation, the UHV transmission engineering wires in different environments have been developed.

Feifei Xia introduced that the research and development team selected conductors in different conditions with scientific methods such as PLSCADD design software, six sigma management method, excellent performance method, developed and select the best aluminum alloy formula, shortened the test cost, and carried out carbon fiber composite core research and development and so on.

The success of research and development in with energy-saving conductors for UhV engineering, also has a close relationship with the company's emphasis on technological innovation and support. The project depends on many research institutes suchh as the company Internet innovation platform and global energy research institute, China electric institute, Shanghai electric cable research institute, xi 'an jiaotong university and so on to carry out the production, study and research with an open relationship, and make a rapid breakthrough with resource advantages.

Create engineering applications, and achieve fruitful results

Fourteen products have been successfully developed in this project, and the comprehensive technical performance of five products has reached the international advanced level, and nine has reached the international advanced level after being appraised by the committee organized by China Electricity Council. It has 36 patents, including 18 inventions and 18 utility models, and won the "2019 National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize" successfully.

At present, the Far East UHV energy-saving wire has been applied in a number of major projects, such as Lingzhou - Shaoxing ± 800K UHV DC transmission project, Jiuquan - Hunan ±800kV UHV DC transmission project, Shanghai Miao-Shandong ±800kV UHV DC transmission project,and Changji - Guquan ±1100kV UHV DC transmission project. We supply a number of key projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood in batches, and contribute to the country's new infrastructure construction.

In addition, the research and development achievements of the team have also been applied to the transmission line projects of Brazil, the United States, Poland, India, Russia and other foreign countries, served the construction of "One Belt And One Road", and significantly enhanced the international influence of China's cable manufacturing field.

UHV transmission lines are closely linked with national economy and people's livelihood. To respond to the new national infrastructure policy "efficient transmission", "large capacity transmission", "energy conservation and emissions reduction" and Belt and Road Strategy, series energy-saving conductor by the Far East has been applied to a number of key projects , which plays role in saving the land resources, improving the transmission line transmission capacity and boosting national construction safety and efficient, clean and low carbon energy system.

In the future, the R&D team of Far East Technology will not stop studying with the current achievements, but will work harder to develop energy-saving wires with increased capacity for UHV engineering, develop more cutting-edge technologies, and promote the construction of national UHV engineering and smart grid.

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