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600869: Spare no Effort to be the Leader of PPP in Smart Energy Field

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    The Several Policy Proposals on Promoting the Healthy Development of Private Investment issued by the National Development and Reform Commission of PRC on October 12 proposed such policy proposals as vigorously promoting the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, further improving the construction in public service and infrastructure fields, and encouraging private investment and participation. On October 13, twenty ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Finance of PRC jointly issued the third group of PPP demonstration projects with the total number of 516 and the total planned investment amount of RMB 1170.8 billion, which made PPP model the new model of driving economy.

    It is learned that Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600869) has been seeking for the strategic transformation positioned on “service of smart energy and smart city system” since 2013. Shanghai Intelligence Power Electric Engineering Corporation, subsidiary of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., specializes in the business of exploration and design, general contracting, project management and engineering and technical consulting of projects such as thermal power, new energy power, wind power generation, power transmission, power transformation, power distribution network and rural power network with the Electric Power Industry Professional Qualification Class-A (power transmission & transformation) and the Electric Power Industry Qualification Class-B, as well as the first class-B electric power design institute in Shanghai which obtains “three standards” system certificate through  the examination and certification of Beijing CEC Certification Center, CO., Ltd. As the power industry integrator with complete business licenses, Intelligence Power has become the leader of Smarter Energy to participate in PPP project and is expected to make more achievements in PPP field in the future.

    According to the public document, Intelligence Power signed a landmark project named 30 MWp PV Power Generation Project of Comprehensive Demonstration Project for the Integration of Ecological Agriculture and Livestock Production in Yuyang District, Yulin City in August 2015. It is the first time for Smarter Energy to provide the customer with systematic solutions service as the general contractor after its strategic transformation as the “service of smart energy and smart city system”, indicating that the company already has the capability to implement the whole industrial value chain in areas of smart energy and smart city, including planning and design, product supply, construction and installation, management and control of energy efficiency and turnkey service. Besides, Intelligence Power signed the EPC Turnkey Contract twice with partners in September 2016, which fully shows the mature turnkey service of the company and has a positive significance for the further development of products and expansion of market in new energy field, as well as further improvement of company’s profitability.

    It is noteworthy for investors that Intelligence Power provides service for the natural gas distributed energy station in the core region of Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai International Tourism Resort, including planning, consultation, design and overall solutions. The energy station produces 5 kinds of energies through the consumption of a clean energy of natural gas to meet the energy demand of the 3.9 km? core region of Shanghai Disney Resort for electric energy, cold energy, heat energy, domestic hot water and compressed air. Since the comprehensive energy utilization rate reaches 83%, the consumption of coal equivalent reduces about 28,000 tons per year and the emission of CO? reduces about 66,000 tons per year after the operation of energy station, Shanghai Disney Resort has become a low carbon, energy-saving, environmental friendly and ecological amusement park.    

    In addition to the complete electric power professionals and strong technical strength, Intelligence Power has a large number of professionals who are engaged in power engineering design for a long time, among whom the technical key members were the design leaders of several electric power design institutes located in regions, provinces and cities in China. Meanwhile, the company has core competency in the design of various new energy power generation projects, small and medium-sized thermal power projects, 220 kV or lower power transmission projects and electric power distribution projects in urban and rural areas, and even has the capability to design large-scale thermal power projects and 500 kV or higher power transmission projects.

    Therefore, with the strong support of Chinese government towards PPP+ project in public service, professional capability, strong technical team and successful experience of EPC turnkey service project, Intelligence Power fully has capability to apply to PPP model. As the powerful backing of Intelligence Power, Smarter Energy will spare no effort to support the development of Intelligence Power, which will also accelerate the realization of strategic transformation of Smarter Energy.  

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