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National Development and Reform Commission of PRC: Annual Target of Overcapacity Reduction in Coal I

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  The National Development and Reform Commission of PRC held a press conference to introduce operation status of power, price and investment. Li Pumin, Secretary General of the NDRC noted that since the beginning of this year, regions and departments has been earnestly carrying out the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee and State Council regarding reduction of overcapacity in coal and steel industry and overcoming poverty. Solid works haven be done and difficulties have been overcame to achieve noticeable accomplishment. Up to the end of October, the annual target of overcapacity reduction in steel industry by 45 million tons has been achieved, and the annual target of reducing overcapacity in coal production by 250 million tons is hopefully to be achieved in advance. Currently, local governments and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council are doing the acceptance procedure in accordance with acceptance regulations. Some local areas even made out corresponding rules of implementation. With the acceptance of local governments, national spot check has been performed in succession. Generally, with common efforts of all parties, overcapacity reduction has turned out a positive result, with enterprises running in an obviously better condition, industrial development being improved, industrial structure being gradually optimized, and market demand and supply being in an overall balance.

  But Li also pointed out that due to increased coal consumption and storage for winter heating support and a shortage of railway wagon and other factors, coal price in some local areas has been rising too much quickly and some places are facing a shortage of coal supply. To better coordinate the balance between overcapacity reduction, supply guarantee and price stabilization, departments in an inter-department program and relevant local areas are working together to reinforce the coordination to achieve the above mentioned balance in multiple ways. That means to make an overall plan for coal supply, power supply and heating supply, to ensure the balance between coal demand and supply, to stabilize coal price and to promote the coordinated development of coal and related industries, with sufficient respect to the market economy rules and utility of market means, while unswervingly carrying out overcapacity reduction and structure adjustment.

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