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Communication and Signaling and Electrification Company of 21st Bureau of CREC Conducting Optical Ca

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    On April 8, China Railway 21st Bureau Communication and Signaling and Electrification’s post-station project department for Guangtong-Dali Railway Project organized the Kunming Communication and Signaling Section, China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group and the supply unit of materials and equipment to conduct electrical performance tests on cables that have entered the site. All test results conformed to the design and operating requirements.

    Guangtong-Dali Railway is one of the new projects in China’s Medium and Long Term Railway Network Plan for improving the road network layout and the development of western regions, also an important part of Yunnan–Burma Railway, one of the inbound and outbound channels in Southwest China. This project construction is of great importance to perfecting the railway network in the west region, strengthening the external transportation capability of western Yunnan’s road network, building a main channel for the exchange between western Yunnan and the hinterland and improving the comprehensive traffic and transport system.

    Guangtong-Dali Railway covers 175 kilometers in length. The post-station project department for Guangtong-Dali Railway is mainly responsible for the professional construction of post-station communication and signaling. Among that, the main work amount includes 404 optical cable lines per for communication and the laying of 1907.87 signal cables, linking up and laying of 246.19 ground lines, the automatic block of 174.593 main track kilometers. Therefore, the demand for optical cables is huge.

    To put “quality project” into practice and after learning the lesson from Xi’an Metro’s optical cable accident, on April 8, the project organized all units to test the insulting property, capacitance, direct-current resistance and wire diameter of 11 reels of signal cables that have entered the site and tested the insulating property, voltage withstanding property and related electrical characteristics of 21 reels of communication optical cables and save the corresponding test videos to ensure that the quality of the purchased optical cables for the project can satisfy the design requirements.

    It’s learned that the corporation’s post-station project for Guangtong-Dali Railway has begun the construction including the linking up and laying of ground wires and the installation of suspension clamps in the tunnel. This optical cable test will lay a solid foundation for the overall energetic work for the project.

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