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Energy Network Boosts the Development of Wisdom Platform

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     Energy Network has gained extensive attention in the network world. Industry experts define the Energy Network as the one that achieves the digitization, informatization and interconnection of energy system. In fact, the simple definition of Energy Network shows the reform of society. Along with the development of Energy Network, it is able to provide comprehensive services in the future, including intelligent operation and maintenance, power station rating and the comprehensive management of demand-side energy.

     Energy Network Has Gained Sustaining Driving Force

    Conference on Release of GEIDCO Latest Research Findings was held in Beijing recently. Three innovative research findings were released in the course of the conference, i.e. White Paper on Global Energy Interconnection Development Strategy, Technology and Prospects for Cross-regional Power Networks and Global Energy Interconnection Development and Outlook 2017

    Liu Zhenya, Chairman of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (hereinafter referred to as GEIDCO), introduced that the essential part of constructing global energy interconnection is to build a green, low-carbon, interconnected and shared energy community. He believes that the integration of energy network, information network and transportation network would become an inevitable trend in the future. Taking electric power as the driving force and data as the bond, energy network, information network and transportation network maintain a close connection with each other in such aspects as network form, business function and resource utilization, showing a development trend of intersection, integration mutual support and mutual supplement. Information network and transportation network have achieved the global interconnection basically, but the development of energy network is obviously backward due to the lack of global interconnection. Therefore, it is necessary to give great support to energy network to promote the integration and the whole development of the three networks.

    In recent years, the development of energy network has been boosted and supported by various parties. For example, on February 24, 2016, National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC released Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of “Internet +” Smarter Energy Initiative . On June 22, 2016, the 138th Executive Meeting of the State Council deliberated and approved Report on the Work of Implementing “Internet +” Smarter Energy Initiative proposed by National Energy Administration and deployed the work of “Internet +” Smarter Energy Initiative again. As for local governments, Gan Pin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, introduced that Shanghai set a goal of constructing Shanghai into a Technological Entrepreneurship Center with remarkable global influence three years ago, which aims to primarily complete the construction of Technological Entrepreneurship Center by 2020 and primarily finish its functional construction by 2030, including the construction of innovation platform of energy industry. Recently, Smarter Energy Interconnection Industry Alliance of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as SEIIA) was established to further implement the policy issued by National Energy Administration of promoting the construction of “Internet +” Smarter Energy Demonstration Project and maximize the production of clean energy.

     Wisdom Platform Achieves Rapid Development

    Shanghai Fangrong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangrong Technology) is the main sponsor for the establishment of SEIIA. Jiang Ye, Chairman of Fangrong Technology, indicates that the development of energy network requires for the joint efforts made by all parties. Government, institutions and enterprises cannot promote the development of energy network without each other’s help. Therefore, Fangrong Technology made joint efforts with scientific research institutions, famous enterprises and social organizations of Shanghai to establish SEIIA to build a win-win platform for the integration and cooperation among industries, research institutes and universities. Taking Shanghai as the center, Eastern China as the foothold, SEIIA will generate nationwide influence based on the principle of smart utilization of energy, collaborative innovation and complementary advantage and promote the development of China’s energy interconnection industry.

    It is learned that Fangrong Technology is a comprehensive platform composed of various platforms. The main business of Fangrong Technology is to achieve the interconnection of power users and providers of operation and maintenance service through the platform, and it obtains profits through service charge. The platform of Fangrong Technology also has functions like monitor platform and distributed digital platform.

    In fact, the construction of wisdom platform for energy network has showed the development trend of diversity. According to the data, AKCOME Group announced recently that it would cooperate with Baidu and Neusoft to build big data platform for new energy to provide enterprises with one-stop service, boasting the integration of data collection, data storage, data computing and data analysis, and the cloud services including intelligent operation and maintenance, power station rating and the comprehensive management of demand-side energy. It will also make joint efforts with Hunan University to establish Hunan University-AKCOME Group Energy Interconnection Blockchain Research Center to build new value chain of energy industry, develop new business model of energy blockchain and create demonstration base of energy blockchain.

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