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Smarter Energy attends the 17th Iran International Electricity Exhibition 2017

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    The 17th Iran International Electricity Exhibition 2017 (IEE 2017) was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground on November 4-7. Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Smarter Energy", stock code: 600869) participated in the exhibition with its system solutions covering whole industry chain, in a bid to expand overseas markets. Zhou Qi, Assistant to Director, and Zhang Shi, Foreign Trade Manager of No.3 International Business Department of Smarter Energy, as well as others attended the exhibition.

    The exhibition is held annually, and organized by the Ministry of Energy of Iran. It is the largest and most influential exhibition in Iran, also one of the six major electricity exhibitions in the world today.

    This time, Smarter Energy displayed a number of products and related solutions such as large-section energy-saving wire series applied in smart grids, Far East’s carbon-fiber reinforced composite core wire series, power systems and energy storage equipment of new energy vehicles, and clean/new energy systems, attracting many visitors to stop for consultation and exchanges; many cooperative intentions were facilitated on the scene.

Visitors exchanging at the exhibition

    At the exhibition, the staff of Smarter Energy actively communicated with managers of large state-owned enterprises, which have laid roots in Iran for many years and boasts rich experience, like China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation (CGGC) and Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., introduced the brand concept of Smarter Energy, and initially reached cooperation intentions.

    Additionally, the staff of Smarter Energy visited many large wire and cable manufacturers in Iran, to actively discussed Iran’s current situation of electricity market, developmental level of wires and cables, future development trend and potential cooperation opportunities.

    With the further implementation of “Belt and Road” initiative, Iran, the country with a population of 80 million, has begun to reveal its strong vitality. Currently, Iran has had nearly 100,000 kilometers of power transmission lines. The demand for electricity is constantly increasing, and the construction and renovation of power generation and transmission facilities are well under way without signs of slackening. As a power exporter, Iran is most likely to become a power supply center of West Asia and the Middle East. While providing power plant-related design, construction and operation services to Oman, Iraq, Syria and other countries, Iran is also exporting power to Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. Smarter Energy focuses on the huge market potential in Iran, actively explores and takes various measures, striving to create a market pattern to realize the co-prosperity of central Iranian market and surrounding markets.

Staff in the booth of Smarter Energy

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