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Thanks for you along the way-The 3rd Far East Day as promised

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  The sunshine is exceptionally bright today.

  The autumn sun shines on each heart of Far East men. 

  The air is unusually fragrant today.

  The fragrance of cinnamon permeates the soul of every partner. 

  The birds are very happy today.

  The melodious song delights the spirit of every family members. 

  We meet in the golden autumn. 

  Write the longest confession. 

  On October 20, the third "Far East Day" arrived as promised. Far East family grand assembly together to spend a warm and nice day.Let the connotation of "home" culture in the Far East continue to extend, also the Far East culture become more warm,and the struggle of the Far East more powerful.



  Far East family gather together 

  Gather:Feast of the Far East,open warmly. 

  At 9:00 a.m., the 3rd Far East Day Launching Ceremony and the "Far East Talent Story" press conference was held. With the theme of "Love from Home to Home in the Far East ", this Far East Day is more warmer. Jiang Xipei, founder of Far East Holdings Group, chairman of the board and secretary of the party committee, attended the launching ceremony and met with his family cordially.


  The 3rd "Far East Day" is officially launched

  Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Director, Smart Energy Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as: Smart Energy  stock code:600869) Jiang Huajun: Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;Zhuang Taiwei: Group Chief Executive Officer,Executive President of Far East University ;Zhou Dongjie: Investor, Senior consultant , Executive Director of Far East Charitable Foundation ;Zhou Liping: Investor, Senior Director of Smart Energy Cable Industry and  General Manager Assistant of Cable Company ;Tao Cunshu: Investor, General Manager of Smart Energy Human Resources Center and Senior Director of Cable Industry ;Li Lin: Investor, Senior Director of Smart Energy Cable Industry and General Manager Assistant of Cable Company ; Tong Liguo : Investor,Buy and Sell Treasure and Head of Cable Network ;Qiao Tonglei: investors, head of Far East material trading center co., ltd., director of shenzhen Jufeng commercial factoring co., ltd., General manager ; Other senior leaders, as well as Far East upstream and downstream businessmen, staff representatives ,with a total of more than 300, witnessed the launch of the third Far East day.


  Speech of Jiang Xi-pei

  Far East "big parent"- Jiang Xipei made a speech. He said that the best employer, the best brand is based on the struggle, of which life is wonderful. Far East was founded 34 years ago,already completed the first start-up. Nowadays, the Far East is on the way to start a second venture, which is very long and wonderful.Our generation should lay a good foundation, cherish the present . The more important thing is to believe in the youngers, and cultivate the next generation.

  Jiang Xipei strengthened that the idea of the far east is to resonate with the times , countries and customers at the same frequency. Only we look at the world, according to the community of human destiny and a broad mind of the world, inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, can we build a good family and create a great foundation industry.

  Jiang Xipei pointed out that "one person enters to the far east, the whole family to the far east "," a hand-shaking to the far east, always be friends with each other ", is the initial establishment of the standard, the basic requirements of human life, and also the connotation of far east culture. We should have the heart of awe, clear heart, grateful reflection, self-criticism as a family heirloom. Far east people have such consciousness, we also have such abilities, because we are aiming at the lofty high, in the interests of more people, the interests of the country, the interests of mankind. Believe that every family, every one wants to have a happy life and a good future, so from now on, from us, should insist on carrying forward the good things.


  Zhuang Taiwei's Interpretation of Far East Corporate Culture Strategy

  At the meeting, Zhuang Taiwei interpreted the Far East corporate culture strategy landing measures, and released the "Far East demeanor Story ". Zhuang Taiwei said that corporate culture is the process of knowledge, trust and action. In order to give full play to the strength of cultural self-confidence, we present the rich culture with a sound system, condensed out the essentials and core of far east culture, through concrete measures to bring culture to the ground, to form behavior habits, and to help organizations develop.

  Jiang Xipei remarks infected the attendees and inspired. Far East families gathered together in the same frequency resonance to let the heart and heart link, to feel the charm of Far East culture.



  At the launching ceremony, there were children of far east employees on stage, representing a new generation of far east people to send surprise gifts to jiang xipei. May the Far East shine always just like the stars in the sky.

  Praise: Three bright spots, shining golden autumn

  It was three years since the launch of "far east day" , the form is more diverse, the connotations continue to expand , The current "Far East Day" is even more interesting , and the surprises is constantly staged.

  Highlight one:" paper short but love long "tender opening. At the launching ceremony, a video clip presented letters from far east strategic partners, upstream and downstream industry chain suppliers, far east employees, far east charitable foundation support objects, and far east fellowship beneficiaries, opening the far east across 34 years of wind and rain journey.

  After 34 years, the far east actively gives back to the staff while developing, depicting a beautiful life picture of striving for glory, learning, material abundance and spiritual satisfaction. Countless people in the Far East through this hot land, to achieve the value of life, then,have a happy life. They are "customer-centric" to provide customers with the best products, the best services, so that the far east to the majority of customers unanimously recognized, for the development of the far east cause strong sail.

  The Far East always serves the society while being bigger and stronger . Helping the poor, donating money to help the students and benefiting the people, the Far East wrote a heavy contribution to charity and education. More and more letters carry the deep friendship of loyal customers, employees and clients of the Far East, and record their unchangable feelings for the Fast East. 

  Highlight two:" the far east demeanor story "was gloried to release. The development history of the Far East is also the struggle history of the Far East people. In the 34 years of the Far East , countless Far East stories spread among them,plain and simple and touching. They embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, hard struggle, excellence, courage to undertake, service to society and so on, is the best interpretation of entrepreneurship, craftsman spirit, practical spirit. In the accumulation of time, under the careful planning and positive promotion of the brand culture center," Far East people style story "comes into being.


  In the release link," the far east demeanour story "surprised appearance, a small book records the struggle posture, condenses the struggle strength, lets the far east story pass from mouth to mouth, lets the far east spirit pay fire to each other, lets the struggle light bright blooming.

  highlight 3 : 34th anniversary coin officially launched. On the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Far East, special commemorative coins were introduced, which was the first commemorative souvenir in the form of a commemorative coin.

  These glittering commemorative coins record 34 years of pioneering glory, inheriting the "spiritual" intersection of the culture, and the transmission of the power of struggle.




  Chairman Jiang Xipei presented a commemorative coin on behalf of the Far East

  At the launching ceremony, the three bright spots together to shine, set off a climax, let the activity more exciting, let the festival have more connotation.


  Zhuang Taiwei and Zhang Di speak to the media

  The event also attracted interviews from the web, NetEase and overseas social platform LinkedIn. In the interview, Zhuang Taiwei gave a deep answer to the questions of the tonality of the Far East corporate culture, the setting of the activity highlights, and how to build the best employer brand in the Far East.

  Zhang Di, head of the group's brand culture center, gave answers to how far east innovates the industrial brand content marketing in the new period, builds the far east characteristic new media matrix, creates the cross-border popular style activity innovation practice and so on.

  Visiting media gave high praise to the event, thinking that far east activities from organization planning to presentation form have reached a professional level, hoping that far east can continue to create popular style activities, leading the new trend of brand remodeling in the industrial field.

  excite:Joyful garden,unusually brilliant

  In the afternoon, a special garden party was on schedule.The scene of the event was full of people, bustling, laughing and laughing over the Far East, flowing into the heart of everyone.

  A variety of games, enjoy the fun time. Parent-Child Games , blue-eyed games on the internet, attracted family members to participate and stop to watch, in the laughter left a precious memory.

  At the game scene, lovely Mengbao line up,play a crawl , the spirit of struggle begins with the baby ;The little teenagers are full of posture, commanding the blindfolded parents in the groping forward, with a degree of cooperation, full of tacit understanding ; Artificial generator activity scene, gear rotating lamp belt is constantly lit...

  Fun horizontal ways of play, novel and strange game equipments , let the the familes have more experience of the activities, and a strong sense of interaction. Families are interested and active participation, winning more Far East coupons.

  In front of the food booth, there was a steady stream of Families come to exchange food . Soft waxy glutinous rice Ciba, people cannot help themselves but want to bite on a bite; sour and spicy powder, let the index finger move; golden color of fried potatoes, coated with ketchup, is the favorite for children. All kinds of food , family members feel care on the tip of their tongue , experience culture in taste buds.



  At the event site , Handsome and intelligent rabbit sells on-line ,Children scramble to take photos with Smart Rabbit . The well-designed internet celebrity card area is also popular , won the favor of the family. "Clowns" with dexterous hands, let balloons woven into a vivid small animals, small flowers.

  A grand, warm, soft and novel activity like the golden key to start the time, with the flow of 34 golden years,which slowly presented in front of the eyes. The festival , just like a time machine is flying to the other side, spreading out the future of the beautiful picture slowly .

  Thank you for coming together today, 

  grateful accompany with you for 34 years,  

  Thanks to have you in the future.


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