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Far East Holdings Group wins 2019 Golden Flag Award PR event Gold Award

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  On the night of October 26,2019, by the West Lake

  2019 Golden Flag Awards Grand Release

  Excellent cases gathering, big industry leaders gathering

  More than 100 experts

  Last for 120 days

  Far East Holdings Group

  "2019 Strongest Intern Challenge "

  stand out from 927 filing cases

  Gold Award for 2019 Golden Flag PR event

  Far East Brand Shining Public Relations Industry Top Event

  The Golden Flag is called the "Oscar" of the public relations industry, attracting many government leaders, leaders of public relations organizations at home and abroad, senior brand communication experts, and the elites of the business community. Chief Executive Officer of Far East Holdings Group, Executive President of Far East University -Zhuang Taiwei, head of Brand Culture Center -Zhang Di, and Brand Image Designer - Yu Wen attended the award ceremony.

   Far East Team's Golden Flag Award

  It is repported that the golden flag award was founded in 2010,  which demonstrates the influence value of public relations and promotes business prosperity and social progress by selecting classic cases that lead the innovation and development of public relations and highlight the unique value of public relations in social, political and business life.

  Founded in the past 10 years, the Golden Flag Award with its professionalism and authority, has become one of the benchmark for measuring the quality of professional work in the public relations industry in China, attracting the participation of BMW, Lenovo, JingDong, Wanda, Samsung and many other top 500 enterprises in the world. In recent years, the Golden Flag Award has gradually moved to the international, and the cases has also entered into the American university classes, helping the Chinese brand to go out.

  Compared with the previous period, the quality of the entries is higher and more international. There are many examples of public relations and communication classics and popular events from manufacturing, technology and consumer goods, and even overseas entries.

  In the selection,"2019 far east strongest intern challenge competition ", with its far-reaching social influence, innovative spirit, international vision and the effectiveness in the event planning, public communication, brand communication, has been unanimously recognized by the judges, won the 2019 gold flag prize for public relations activities, the far east has become a new force to attract the attention of the industry, leading the new fashion of public relations activities.

  Along with the winners are the World Hard Skin Disease Day Public Interest Communication Project,2018 Guangqi Acura Brand Night, Marriott International working with Alibaba Tmall platform to create the first "Super Brand Day" in the tourism industry.

   On behalf of the Far East, Chuang Tai-wai (the third from left) took the stage to accept the prize

  Every good case is a flag, a model for public relations to influence and promote social progress. The award was awarded for the first time in the industry , with the interactive experience brand public relations activity, has established a new image of the best employer in Far East, explored the possibility of brand marketing innovation of industrial products in the new period. 

  Annual event to pass far east brand claims. Based on the far east industry leader and the best employer brand image, the activity clings to the talent recruitment "pain point ", revolves around the talent market supply and demand contradiction, the precision sniper university circle. Through the long-term creation of "pre-national recruitment, global communication - multi-cultural convergence in the event - continuous voice after the event, harvest recognition of love ", deep cultivation of youth culture, create hot topics, highlight the" quality, professional, value, affinity "of the far east brand connotation, layout of youth colleges and universities circle, enhance brand global influence, upgrade activity marketing transformation power .

  Innovative play, set off a public relations upsurge. Based on the underlying logic of "content" and "interaction ",36 participants from 12 colleges and universities across the country launched a seven-day immersive experience. Intern recruitment, manufacturing site experience, workplace simulation salon, team expansion PK, brand marketing case deduction, reality show challenge, online card typing interaction and other creative links, to provide a more interesting communication path for the target group, ignite brand fan participation enthusiasm, launch the online and offline creative public relations activity upsurge.  

  Popular style activities to accumulate user private domain traffic. Follow the "high precision, high value, strong interaction" communication strategy, multi-dimensional, wide channel continuous communication. Introduction of new visual design, fusion of popular design trends, leading brand aesthetic shaping. The introduction of multi-style graphics and text, in-depth reporting, original video, with more accurate, more warm content dissemination to trigger emotional resonance, deepen the brand value core. On the basis of "double micro shake ", link up the top media such as China Industry and Information Technology, China Industry News, NetEase and so on, at the same time, unite with overseas social platforms such as LinkedIn, TW, FB, Ins and so on, to get through the new and old union, the Chinese and foreign linkage media matrix to enhance brand exposure. A week after the event, the total exposure of the network reached more than 130 million times, the cumulative amount of interaction exceeded 300 million times, reaching dozens of countries and regions around the world, has become an industry brand activity model.

  In order to promote the high quality development of enterprises, far east has carried out many explorations and innovations in the top-level design of brand strategy and the bottom-level logic of brand strategy, and gradually abandoned the traditional thinking mode of "content marketing = public relations / entertainment, content marketing = naming / big money implantation, content marketing = double micro shake ", planned and launched a series of popular style activities, introduced cross-border fusion new play, through multimedia matrix to create the most temperature industrial brand," internet celebrity" brand, cable field "new national goods ", to transform the brand content into the product value and become the flow inlet of unlimited growth, thus promoting the high quality development of the enterprise .

  As an exploration and practice in building more influential corporate brands, the "2019 Strongest Intern Challenge in the Far East "was a success. In the future, far east will take the initiative to assume more social responsibility, guided by high-end brand strategy, supported by high-precision strategy, with high-quality media as the channel, to create more popular style activities, to provide more examples for public relations activities, leading the new trend of brand marketing in the industry. 

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