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81 Billion Far East Holdings Group Won TOP 500 ASIAN BRANDS Again

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  On September 9, at the Asian brand ceremony, Far East Holdings Group has won "top 500 Asian brands" for ten consecutive years with a brand value of 81.018 billion yuan, ranking 160 on the list. At the same time, Far East Holding Group won the "Top 10 Influential Brands in Asia" and "Top 10 Leading Brands in China (industry)". The group's chief administrative service officer Zhuang Taiwei attended the award ceremony with his brand team.


  Zhuang Taiwei attended the grand ceremony and received the prize

  The Asian brand Festival is a grand gathering of international brands for cultural exchange and cutting-edge ideas collision. Its leading brand awareness and views expand new ideas and paths for the development of Asian enterprises. The brand value of Far East Holding Group reached 81.018 billion yuan, and was once again listed in the "top 500 Asian brands".

  For a long time, Far East Holding Group adheres to the implementation of precise brand strategy, promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises with high-value brands, leads the high-quality development of the industry, and cultivates a global reputation of "Chinese brands".

  Implement Precise Strategy and Display New Image of Chinese Brand

  Founded in 1985, Far East witnessed the development of China's manufacturing industry and the journey of China's growing strength since the reform and opening up. The company is a typical representative of China's manufacturing industry and private enterprises. While developing the industry, Far East has always shouldered the mission of Chinese brand.

  As a leading enterprise in the industry, Far East strives to lay a solid foundation for the brand. The company adheres to creating a brand with excellent quality and advanced technology, which is the best, high-end and professional brand in the industry. Most of the products and services serve the national key projects, making the slogan "Far East cable, global trust" more popular. The company also shows that under the guidance of "made in China 2025" strategy, China's manufacturing enterprises are gradually leading in technology and products.

  At the same time, Far East also gives full play to the leading role of brand, continues to carry out a series of action plans with the brand as the carrier to tell the story of Chinese brand and convey the idea of Chinese brand. Far East brand is used as the action carrier to promote the three major changes of manufacturing to creation, speed to quality, and products to brand, so as to lead China with high-precision brand strategy enterprises to show the world a new brand image.

  Stimulate Brand Power and Promote New Power of Industrial Development

  At present, China's manufacturing industry is in a significant period of transformation and upgrading. How to achieve sustainable development with higher level, higher quality and higher efficiency through transformation and development is an important issue faced by every manufacturing enterprise.

  Brand is an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises. The competition between enterprises is, in a sense, the competition between brands. In the fierce market competition, Far East, centering on "made in China 2025", adheres to the strategic goal of " to be number one, not number two", focuses on the brand positioning of "trustworthy service provider of power transmission and smart energy solutions", continuously deepens the brand core of "extreme products and services" and the brand connotation of quality, specialty, value and charity, so as to win the trust of users and seize the market opportunity.

  At the same time, Far East adheres to the hierarchical strategy, creates a strong brand matrix in different industries according to the actual situation of the industry, improves the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the brand, and continues to move towards the goal of single champion in the subdivision field.

  Hold High the Banner of Innovation and Explore a New Path of Brand Building

  Adhere to all-round digital, comprehensive intelligent and internationalization, comprehensive bench marking and transcendence, Far East brand team will integrate innovation into all aspects of strategic positioning, strategic guidance and implementation in the process of brand building.


  The Most Challenging Internship Activities in Far East

  Far East Brand Cross Border Marketing Activities Offline Flash Stores


  Summit Forum of "Advanced Seminar on Enabling Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry"

  In recent years, Far East brand team has made full use of digital marketing methods to promote the upgrading of brand marketing strategy, and carried out brand public relations activities such as cross-border brand marketing, digital transformation of enterprises, and brand building of the best employer. These activities have created blockbuster activities for the industry one after another, and made Chinese manufacturing enterprises attract people's attention with a new image.

  In the brand communication, the Far East brand team based on the targeted customers' characteristics in the new era, through the construction of media matrix, the integration of online and offline, internal and external, continuous voice in different media platforms. In addition, the brand team also establishes emotional connection with the targeted customers through content transformation and softens, which helps the Far East brand to realize the step-by-step leap from high-famous brand, high-value brand to high emotional brand.

  More importantly, from a global perspective, the Far East brand team promotes the brand to go out with the focus on overseas media platform while internationalizing the industry.

  The Far East brand team's innovative thinking, innovative play and creative activities have been recognized by the industry, and won The Golden Flag Award, LinkedIn's Most InB2B Brand Globalization Award, Haifan award, IAI International Advertising Award, and Top Digital Innovative Marketing Award.

  Far East takes the brand as the powerful starting point, stimulates the industry accumulation for 35 years, and walks out a new path of industrial product brand building. Today, Far East once again leads the industry with a brand value of 81.018 billion yuan, making continuous progress towards the strategic goal of "to be number one, not number two". The Far East brand is driving the development of the industry with upward force.


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