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Jiang Xipei: New Power Reform Will Clear Away Barriers to the Internet of Energy

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      On April 15, a new-round power reform started the pilot step. Influence by the external environment, the first-round power reform focused more on meeting electricity demands, while the new one focusing more on improving the efficiency of resource allocation.

      As China's leading wire and cable enterprise, how does Far East Holding Group understand this new-round power reform? In such a background, which new-type relationship would be built between the wire and cable industry and the? Would the new reform bring the opportunities from the second distribution of reform dividends for electricity transmission and distribution? "Far East Cable" has been renamed as "Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600869) “, so what purpose and planning is implied behind that?

      Chairman of the Board and CEO of Far East Holding Group Jiang Xipei conducted a dialogue with the reporter of China Business Journal regarding above issues.

      China Business Journal: with starting of the new-round electricity reform, how do you view the relationship between the reform and to the wire and cable industry?

      Jiang Xipei: the main content of the reform can be summarized as "three openness, one independence, three strengthening", that is, liberalizing the newly-added electricity distribution and sales market, liberalizing operating electricity price except for electricity transmission and distribution, liberalizing power generation program except for public service and regulation, allowing for trading agencies relatively independent, strengthen government supervision, strengthening overall power planning, strengthening and enhancing safe and efficient power operation and reliable power supply levels.

      This means that private capital may enter the field of power generation and sale, while the new reform will also promote distributed energy, to clear institutional barriers to the Internet of energy market valued at one trillion Yuan.

      In my opinion, the Internet of Energy will reconstruct an energy trading system, significantly increase efficiency of energy production and use, to achieve a transaction integration of energy information. So the new power reform, new energy, and carbon market will be three main strengths driving development of the Internet of energy, where the liberalization of electricity sale market in the reform represents a necessary condition for the Internet of energy, which will promote the integration of energy, information and business flow; while distributed and centralized power generation mix, mixture of micro- and large grid will be the trends in future, another important driver for development of the Internet of energy; in addition, the future’s electricity-selling companies may provide users with energy-saving products and services in the energy trading market, where the users may be subsidized by carbon trading. As a result, carbon trading will be included into the Internet of energy, being a tool and bridge in promoting a combination of the Internet of energy and the Internet of finance.

      China Business Journal: Would the new reform bring the second distribution opportunity for the new-round electricity transmission and distribution reform benefits?

      Jiang Xipei: the new power reform, coupled with the development of the Internet of energy, will bring enormous policy dividends for the Far East. 

      Our main business now is built on the Smarter Energy on the basis of cable industry, and smart city construction, from planning design to products improvement, from the factory construction turnkey service to future’s energy efficiency management

      If our cable competition will further intensified, which is one part of red sea, then, enterprises and markets having capacities in Smarter Energy, and intelligent city system services are parts of blue ocean. There are not many such enterprises in the globe, so if we did the business well, it will be the main business of the Far East Smarter Energy.

      In recent years, Far East Smarter Energy has been actively transmitting into "Smarter Energy System Services Provider," by controlling Shanghai Intelligence Power and Beijing SEMEUREKA, and making layout in the front-end of the Internet of energy in advance.

      In future, the company will further enhance the layout in the mid and rear-end of the Internet of energy such as distributed energy, smart micro-grid and carbon asset management, to further open up the "Smarter Energy" industry chain, and vast room for growth as well as to share power reform dividends.

      China Business Journal: As an industry leader, the Far East has made steady growth in recent years by following the path of green, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon, so how to understand the relationship between the three elements?

      Jiang Xipei: Green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon are the requirements for environment protection at different stages on the road to sustainable development and to establish scientific concepts of development as well as building a harmonious society in China, which gets increasingly detailed from concept to practical operation. The key to sustainable development is green, so we need to especially concern about green, despite green enterprises or green economy.

      People need a green, sustainable development regardless to what extent our material life has reached, so we should summarize and reflect; especially the wire and cable industry, how to get minimal resource consumption for more social value, making the industry contribute more to the economy and, and develop rapidly and healthily, is the responsibility of all professionals working in the cable industry, which needs us to update the concepts and find out better solutions.

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