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2015 Global Wire & Cable Summit Convoked to Promote Industry’s Sound Development

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     On May 9th, 2015 Global Wire & Cable Summit was convoked in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, themed as “make reforms and cast future”. More than 500 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the Summit. The attendants included Wang Quan, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Yixing City, Wang Zhongsu, Municipal Party Secretary and Director of the People's Standing Committee, Bao Yujun, Contract Research fellow from Counselors Office of the State Council and Vice-President of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wu Jianmin, Contract Research fellow from Counselors Office of the State Council, Wu Jiandong, Council Member of International Smart Grid Union and Vice-Chairman of China Wisdom Engineering Association, Li Junfeng, Deputy Director of Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, Zhong Lisheng, Director of Reach Center of Electrical Insulation in Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Jiang Xipei, Chairman of the Board of Far East Holding Group, etc. All Summit participants discussed and exchanged opinions over the following issues: private enterprise’s opportunities and development in the new pattern of “One Belt and One Road”, wire and cable’s innovation and upgrading under “Internet Plus”, analysis of overseas investment environment for manufacturing enterprises and internationalization strategies. This will further improve sustainable health development of wire and cable industry.

     It is known that, this Summit held the purpose of “collect all wisdoms to promote wire and cable industry’s development”. Many sub-forums were set, themed about the following matters: price prediction in 2015 market, growth trend of raw material demand, how wire and cable industry avoid the risks brought by copper price fluctuation, what opportunities would energy transition bring in 5 years, how wisdom cities and green buildings stimulate wire and cable industry’s demand, and enterprises’ marketing strategies to serve high-end cable market. These issues will be significant for enterprises to adjust marketing strategies, optimize production mix and remodel competition pattern. In addition, the forum “Talent Cultivation and Development during Enterprise Transformation” proceeded with topics like “add more values to psychological capital and upgrade talent & wealth pattern” and “cooperate universities promote enterprise reformation”. These sub-forums become light spots in this year’s summit.

     The year of 2015 is not only the key year for deepening all-round reforms, but also the critical year for stabilizing growth and adjusting structure, and the year to adapt “new normal”. It is the year full of reforms and challenges. Wire and cable industry is the important part of national economy, but along with the coming of “new normal”, it turns from high-speed-growth period to low-speed-growth period, steps from huge-profit times into meager-profit times, and runs into the track of “being bigger and stronger”.

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